1: Payments & Refunds

All payments must be made through my website from now on!

Refunds are entirely dependent on how much i have completed of your commission. Upon request, i will let you know how much i am able to refund. Full refunds will only be made if i have not begun working on your commission yet! Likewise, I will not give refunds for completed artwork. Please understand that you are purchasing not just art but a service, therefore i would like to be paid for the amount of work i put in.

If i am unable to complete your commission for any reason on my part (Personal issues, illness, emergency etc.) you will be immediately notified and refunded the whole cost regardless of where i am in the process.

I reserve the right to cancel your commission if you are in any way rude or abusive to me.

2: What i will/wont draw

I mainly will draw pony, dragons, or furry characters. But i am open to pretty much anything as long as it is within my skill level. I am unlikely to draw mechas, complex armor/weaponry, or cities. 

I will not draw gore, realism, abuse, certain fetishes, or anything illegal. If you are unsure if i am willing to draw your particular commission, feel free to ask!

3: commission process

When commissions are open, you may order as many as you want. Once i receive your order i will contact you with a WIP sketch within 1-3 days. During this stage you may ask for changes to your liking. Once you approve the sketch i will begin working on the remainder of your commission. However, please be absolutely sure you are happy with the sketch, as certain changes will be very difficult to make later in the process. If you would like additional wips throughout the process ( Lineart, color etc.) please let me know ahead of time.

Please allow up to a month for your commission to be completed. I will work on everyones commission as much as i can, but art takes time so please be patient with me if i do not get yours done right away.

After your commission is completed, the high resolution image will be emailed to you.

4: NSFW Commissions

All NSFW commissions will be posted to my Tumblr, however you may request to remain anonymous. You MUST be over 18 to purchase nsfw art from me.

While i do not yet have a comprehensive list, there are certain fetishes i am not comfortable with drawing. I recommend you contact me before placing an order for any sort of ‘extreme’ fetishes, then i can let you know if i am comfortable with it.

5: Disclaimers

My commissions are intended for personal and non-commercial use ONLY. You may not use commissions for business, products, advertisement, profit etc.

I retain the copyright to the artwork itself but not the character in the commission. When sharing, you must provide proper credit and link back to my website or other account (Deviantart, Youtube or Twitter).

please contact me at ScarletSpectrum@yahoo.com if you have any further questions, thank you :)