I'm sick right now. I won't go into details but basically I feel like absolute shit right now and it's only getting worse (especially today). I only have a few commissions left on my queue and I'm really struggling to get them done. I planned to open commissions back up very soon but I just don't think I can right now. I hope you guys understand, once I'm feeling better I will announce when I'll be open again.

Patreon Update

Hey frens. I decided to make few smol updates to my patreon! I made my tiers cheaper, and added a colored sketch tier for $10. I removed the WIPs tier for the lack of interest and also the fact that I never remember to upload before I end up finishing the drawing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

One last thing i want to make aware is that the High Res tier will work differently from now on. It's Impossible for me to upload every high res drawing at this point, and a hassle to upload every new drawing one by one. So instead my supporters will be able to request any of my drawings and I will individually send a high res link.


Nsfw + Lineless added!

Just added lineless and a nsfw add on to my website, and updated my TOS for it as well. Read it before placing a new order please :)  I also sorted my commissions into categories ( so far just "regular" and "add ons")

I'm still in the process of adding a few other things (dakis, emotes, phone bg etc.) that will be listed under a third category called "special". They will hopefully be up sometime in November!


Hey guys, so since I'm going to be doing some NSFW stuff I decided to make a Tumblr account. I actually like it so far, and may consider moving there entirely at some point since dA is dead. But as of right now I'm just gonna work on building a following there and  what not. If I get to a point where I feel safe enough to move then I'll think about it.


Main:  https://scarlet-spectrum.tumblr.com/

NSFW: https://naughtyspectrum.tumblr.com/


Sometime in the future, I'm going to be adding some things to my website. Mainly in the commission section, Ill be adding lineless, Dakis, possibly emotes. The biggest change I'm going to add is a NSFW "add on", yes I will be doing NSFW and I will charge extra for it. But for those if you who don't want to see that there is no worries, I will not be posting it to my main accounts (most likely a tumblr account). That's pretty much it I think, just wanted to give you guys a heads up on some future changes!


Internet is finally supposed to come tomorrow (well, technically today)! once it's back I'm finishing up those last few commissions and YCHs and sending them out. After that I will probably do one more YCH and then open commissions back up for a week or so. I will update when I plan to open again so keep an eye out so you can get your orders in! :v

Commissions CLOSED

Sorry for the lack of warning guys ;-; i didn’t plan to close them but the Internet isn’t supposed to come til Monday ( it was supposed to come LAST Tuesday). I paid for the cheapest hotspot on my phone so I could keep working, but I don’t wanna accept anymore until I fully get back online. I will still be doing YCH commissions a few days at a time but aside from that my main commissions will remain closed until further notice.


Made some updates to my website layout and Terms of Service.

I also added bases to my site. From now on my YCH commissions will also be available for purchase as a base for personal use! If you miss the commission period, the base will still be available here.

Note: There is a glitch where the "adittional information" section shows up when purchasing a base (it should only show up for commission orders). If you are not ordering a commission and it shows up for you, just put whatever in the required fields to bypass it.

Commission Reminder

Just wanted to give another heads up that commissions will be opened again in just a few days!! (on the 1st) And don't forget I'm changing my system up! Once commissions open back up the "Add to cart" buttons on my prices page will become visible and you will be able to commission me. I will update again as soon as they are open!

Commissions open date

Hey guys, just wanted to give a small heads up that commissions will be opening on September 1st!! I will close them again as soon as my slots fill up ( accepting 10-15 depending on what I get ) and working on them for the remainder of the month!

Also, I keep getting wanting to say to “get your forms submitted” since I’m so used to it already! Now that I no longer have a form (well, I technically do. But it’s hidden in the checkout, and I don’t wanna confuse people) idk what else to say. xD you guys know what I mean though!