My name is Kayleigh Vaughn, but I'm mostly known online as Scarlet Spectrum. I'm a 21-year-old digital artist mainly known for my little pony art, but im working on branching out to other things as well (dragons, furry, anime etc.). I've been drawing since I was little but it wasn't until around 2014 that I seriously got into digital art and began building my online status.

Meet Scarlet!

Scarlet Spectrum is a character i created to represent myself! I based her off a creature from Chinese mythology called a "Longma" which is essentially a horse/dragon hybrid. I chose that species because I've always loved dragons, and wanted to implement that into her design somehow. After doing some research i discovered the Longma, and thus i was inspired to create Scarlet's current design! You are absolutely welcome to draw fanart of Scarlet! Just make sure to send it to me or tag me on social media so i can see it! <3